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I love hearing from people from all walks of life, those who agree with my gun-toting and attachment parenting as well as those that don't.  Feel free to comment on a post or contact me at


  1. YOU ARE MY HERO! but I also have a question about the logistics of babywearing and pistol packing at the same time, you may have a post about it, but I am still searching your site. I've been looking into a lot of holsters, including the flashbang and femme fatale's corset holster, but I'm not sure either of those will work well with baby wearing, I tend to use a MT, and he's usually on my back. I'm also curious if you breastfeed, how you deal with your gun while feeding the baby?

    I also RARELY wear jeans or any sort of structured pants, I'm usually in yoga pants about 90% of the time, do I need to change my wardrobe in order for this to work?

  2. Hey just wanted to stop in and say hi! We are very like minded and I just wantes to encourage you to keep writing your blog is great, easy to read, funny and very very needed! I have only babywore and carried out on the open range in eastern colorado for the reasons of snakes and badgers but my hubby and I have talked many times about how I could carry and baby wear at the same time. So glad I'm not the only one out there looking forward to reading more from you!