Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why I Babywear: The Toddler Edition

So a coworker and I have been commiserating over our toddler meltdowns leading to our general misery and lack of sleep.  These quickly approaching two year old little girls have the power to make two grown women contemplate our worth as mothers and women when day in and especially day out we are assaulted with full on tantrums and an unwillingness to sleep or let us sleep. 

Enter in my only glimmer or hope in the form of an "up".  That's right people I pull out the big guns and pop her in a carrier.  She quickly forgets why she's mad and after a while will actually fall asleep.  Go figure!  Oh and if I let her choose her own "up" you might as well nominate me for mother of the year.  You would never know this same adorable, precious and overly sweet little girl was making me have a little talk with Jesus about why He allowed me to be a mother if He knew I was gonna suck at it.  Yeah it's that bad.

So to answer those who question how long I'm gonna babywear:  until she's out of the terrible toddler years or is able to vocalize the fact that I'm embarrassing her.  Some of you walk around with your kids on a leash, I walk around with mine on my back.

 You'd never guess that before this she refused to take a picture....#imjussayin

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Trespassing

Why is it that when criminals use guns in the commission of crimes, people want to take guns away from law abiding citizens who didn’t do anything wrong?

90 million gun owners with over 300 million guns in this country KILLED NO ONE LAST YEAR. In fact over two million innocent people used guns to save lives. In most of those cases, the gun owner simply had to pull a gun to stop an attacker, never having to pull the trigger.  If you take guns away from law abiding citizens, you remove their ability to defend themselves and their property. Criminals do not abide by gun control laws, so criminals remain armed in a population of people who are unarmed. It is a criminal’s paradise. Homes and people are easy targets.  Sorry but not this person and not my home.  I'm not going to live in fear of what might happen or what nut job might be armed.  Their arguments remind me of being a kid and "calling" something.  "Guns are for criminals" "Only criminals have guns" "If someone attacks me then that is what was supposed to happen, it was my time".  I refuse to let a criminal "call" my life or my belongings.  Why should he/she get a choice and I don't?  Please tell me in what universe that logic makes sense. 

In the spirit of Cedric the Entertainer, you can live by the Hope Creed.  Me, myself personally I live by the Wish factor. Me and my daughter will be like the mother in Alabama who shot the name who broke into her home and had the audacity to try to come up the stairs while looking at her and her knife and axe wielding daughters.  Sir we don't want to have to hurt you, but we wish you would come up those stairs.  The police even said they would be writing up a much different report if she hadn't been armed.  Like my mom always said, it's better than to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.  #imjussayin

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pumpkin's New "Up"

So it's been a while since I've posted about babywearing.  But last week right before I left for my trip to San Francisco I came home to find my long coveted, custom Kanga XT sitting on my doorstep.  When I first jumped into the world of "proper babywearing" I saw all of these amazing reviews about Kangas and wanted to know what the big deal was.  So I took a look at Kirsten's website and was immediately drawn to none other than a Mickey Mouse carrier.  Everyone who knows my kid knows she has a little bit of a Mickey obsession (she got it honestly).  So when I heard that Kristen was opening an custom list I set an alarm on my calendar and typed an email to save as a draft.  The day the list opened, as I was leaving church I pressed send right at 1:01 PM to try and get a slot.  All day I waited to hear and nothing.  So like any good babywearing mama I logged on to TBW and asked someone to check the list.  I MADE IT!!!! I got a custom Kanga slot!  Pumpkin was gonna get her new "up"!  Kristen was awesome throughout the process.  We traded emails back and forth for a while because I have a tiny pumpkin and we wanted to get the sizing just right so that it wouldn't swallow her now but would still last for a while.  Once the smoke cleared here is what I got:

A Kanga XT made from Organic Duck red fabric and Brushed Canvas black shoulder straps that cinch to petite.  The headrest is 2" shorter than normal XTs (18" from the waist to the top). With the Mickey applique on the body and hood and white polka dots around the waist.  Pic from Kristen:

Pumpkin was so excited when I took it out of the box.  She said "oh wow! pretty, pretty.  Kiwa up?"  I said yes pumpkin it's your up.  So she reached up for me to put her up.  Here's the result (excuse the bathroom shots, we were excited)

To stalk your own custom Kanga check out

Monday, August 6, 2012

Maternal Instincts or Drop in Peptides?

People often ask me "How did I get the way I am" or "Why am I so obsessed with guns" or any variation of these questions.  The answer is plain and simple, I am a mother with a innate desire to nurture and protect my young.  Before I was a mother I had a passing interest in firearms.  When I became a mother it was about more than just owning a gun.  It was about being able to defend myself so that I would be able to see my child grow and mature into a beautiful young woman.  Then it was about being able to protect her from danger by any means necessary.  I used to question whether or not I would actually take another person's life.  The answer now is a resounding yes.  I would first fire a warning shot in hopes of scaring an attacker away so that I could then get away but if it came down to his/her life or my child's?  That is not even a question.  I wouldn't think twice.  If you look at any other species on the planet or in the animal kingdom that is never a question. 

Scientists have proven that fear and anxiety decrease with lactation.  They think this is why mothers attack when the normal response would be fear.  This maternal aggression has been linked to lower levels of peptide in the brain. So according to science it is perfectly normal for me as a mother to want to not just protect but fiercely protect my young.  So maybe I should be questioning those who don't feel the need to do the same?