Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Takeover!!!

It's finally here!!!  I know I'm a total geek but so what?  Babywearers are takin over DC!  We're painting the city green.  If you are in the area and want to be educated and informed come to Catholic University on Saturday for the Public Day.  There will be a babywearing fashion show at 10 am, a babywearing class at 10:30AM and 1PM and a toddlerwearing class at 11AM and 1:30PM.  There's also a natural parenting vendor fair!  Hope to see you all there!!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Concealed Carry versus Range (Practice) Gun

Yesterday I met up with some of the Shooting Divas from around the DC Area for a taping of ABC7's Good Morning Washington.  It was an awesome time and brought some issues and frustrations to the surface.  One thing that I discovered during the shooting portion is that I am not as in love with my Ruger LCP .380 as I thought I was.  Don't get me wrong it is still AMAZING for concealed carry.  The camera man didn't even realize I was, in his words, double packing.  As much as I have shot the Ruger, I had a REALLY off day yesterday.  I just couldn't seem to hit the target.  Finally, as Tina (the head diva in charge) walked by she said 2 things: (1) maybe you're using too much trigger finger and (2) your target is pretty far away (I had just finished shooting the Glock).  So I started shooting with just the first knuckle, a little better but not good enough for me.  Then I moved the target closer and BAM!  X marked the spot.  This made me realize this gun's purpose is for concealed carry, not target practice.  The sights are pretty non existent so there is really no way to line up your sights with the target.  Also, I would only be using this gun in situations where I am out and am faced with a threat (quite literally) so this person would be in pretty close proximity to me.  I didn't have this issue with the Glock and to be honest I hadn't had it before on the Ruger (it could have been performance anxiety because of the cameras who knows?).  The Glock hits everything, every time.  Maybe this is why I keep the Glock on me when I'm home and the Ruger on me when I'm out.  Bottom line: the Ruger isn't a target gun, it's a self-defense concealed carry gun.  If someone comes after me I'm not going to have time to line up my sights and aim.  I'm just going to point and shoot.  Maybe I'll hit him, maybe I'll just scare him.  Either way I have given him a reason to stop and consider whether or not I'm worth it and I now have time to remove myself from harms way.  You learn something new everyday!  And no matter how good I think I get with shooting, continual practice is a must!

Friday, June 8, 2012

What's New?

Here are the new gun laws going into effect on July 1, 2012 in Virginia (from the desk of the Virginia Citizens Defense League)

SB 67 and HB 754 - prohibits localities from requiring new Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) applicants be fingerprinted.  Bottom line:  no fingerprinting in Virginia for CHPs, including both new applications and renewals.

HB 375 - forbids localities and their authorities, departments, and agencies from prohibiting employees storing firearms in their private vehicles while at work.  Bottom line:  local government employees are no longer disarmed to and from work.

SB 563 - a "clean up" bill that fixes various things in the concealed weapon code:
  •    Anyone going to or from a range or to or from a training class can legally transport their concealed firearm if it is securely wrapped
  • The Court must provide the exact reason for denying a CHP application
  • A person may apply for a  new CHP, or do a renewal, by mail
  • The Court shall mail a CHP to the applicant when the CHP is ready
  • Only the information that is specifically listed in the law shall be required by the Court for CHP applicants


HB 20 and SB 245 - clarifies that firearms can be carried and transported during a state of emergency.  Government emergency shelters can ban guns, however.  Bottom line:  during a state of emergency the state and local government can only disarm you while in a government shelter.  Normal prohibitions (carrying on K-12 school grounds, for example) still apply, however.

HB 22 - forbids localities from holding a gun buy-up without a local ordinance authorizing it.  It also requires the locality to try to sell any firearms that are turned in.  For firearms that cannot be sold, the locality can destroy them. 

HB 26 - makes failure to produce a CHP and a photo ID when demanded by law enforcement while a CHP holder is carrying a concealed handgun a civil penalty of $25. 

HB 288 - permits city or county treasurers to be able to carry in courthouses while conducting their official duties.

SB 323 and HB 940 - eliminates the One-Handgun-A-Month limitation completely. 

SB 663 - makes a CHP a valid form of identification for voting purposes.

Friday, June 1, 2012

You Get What You Pay For...

Last weekend I got together with a friend of mine for some fun at the range.  I usually keep tons of ammo around the house but this was not the case so I had to scramble to get ammo for my Glock and Ruger.  I'd heard that Walmart had pretty good deals so I went down the street and found that they were completely cleaned out of .380 ammo for the Ruger but still had one box of 9mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammo in stock.  $20 for a box of 100 rounds?!? Sweet!  So I purchased my ammo and off I went.  I figured I'd just buy .380 ammo at the range.  I know it'll be a little pricey but I'm almost running late.  What choice do I have?  To get to the point.  I should have just gotten all of my ammo at the range.  This was the WORSE AMMO EVER!!!  I had not one, not two but four double feeds on my Glock.  This means I had issues with 4 of the 6 mags I loaded with this ammo.  I have put close to 1000 rounds through this thing and never have I had an issue but today I had two issues in the same day.  Now I'm not bashing Winchester because it is still my go to brand for hollow point rounds and with other weapons it has shot just fine at the range.  But this gun and ammo are not a good mix.  Because of the thickness of the extractor rim, the extractor doesn't always grab you empty casings thus a double feed.  It looked a little like this

So just keep in mind the next time you want to go to the range, check out the ammo before you buy and if you have a Glock 19, don't get the Winchester white box.  Lesson learned!  I'll be restocking at the next gun show.