Monday, May 21, 2012

A Day in the Woods with my BHK

This weekend Strapped Daddy and I decided to take a few of our sharp edged tools for a hike.  I took my Blind Horse Knife (BHK) Frontier Valley and he took his BHK Woodsman Pro and his own Calvary creation. 
Frontier Valley
Woodsman Pro

So I strapped Pumpkin on my front in my new extremely awesome Dream Carrier (16" PT NEO w/ petite straps, a hoddie hood and combo waist for all my babywearing mamas).  She slept until I switched her to my back and didn't put her hood on quick enough.

I then put my knife on my belt using the dangler sheath in a position so that I could draw it without me or the knife touching Pumpkin.  Safety first!

When it was time to get to work widdling and sharpening and batoning I scooted Pumpkin around to my back.

This is me using it to make a point on a stick found out there.  In a survival scenario this would be used to kill food (or neutralize a threat).  I am holding the knife in place and moving the stick back against it.
 Here I used it to split wood (for fire usually). The frontier valley is a small knife.  Only a 2.5" blade but it does the job just like a bigger knife.  And it fits perfectly in my tiny hand without giving me carpal tunnel.

Here Strapped Daddy uses his Calvary Knife

Then the BHK.  His has a 4" blade and a Saber Grind.

Awesome knives!  Mine is easy to conceal, carry and most importantly use!  Plus you can't beat the service at Blind Horse.  LT and Dan are awesome people to work with.  Check out their website or stop by and see them at the next Nations Gun Show in Chantilly June 8-10th (or somewhere near you!).  I guess now that I've put it through the ringer I cansend it to them for my Kydex sheath.

The next feature will be on the other knife seen here made by Strapped Daddy for Calvary Knives, LLC.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

All I Want For Christmas...

Well not ALL I want, but if Santa really loves me then I'll wake up to find one of these under the tree.

I know those of you who know me personally are like really?  Another purse woop de doo!  Wrong!  It's a concealed carry purse from Carry Chic.  I am in love with their collection for a couple of reasons.  First of all they are actually cute and look like purses I would buy in Macy's.  Second, and most important, would be the security features.  The one that really jumps out at me is the fact that the gun is in it's own compartment so no need to worry about maneuvering around it when looking for your keys or cell phone.  To top it off this separate compartment locks and has an internal holster so I could have peace of mind if I had my purse laying around the house with my precocious 17 month old. 

On second thought, I'll take 2 because I want that purse and the backpack for travel and to double as a diaper bag while wearing my pumpkin.  I'm giving you plenty of notice people!  You have 7 months, LOL.