Thursday, April 26, 2012

Strapped Daddy makes a public appearance!

On last Tuesday I got together with some of the members of the DMV's chapter of Babywearing International (BWI) for a photoshoot for the upcoming conference (June 29 - July 2).  Well Strapped Daddy decided to tag along since we went after work.  While I was busy carrying and conversing with other moms, he wandered around the Botanical Gardens.  After a while, the chairperson of the chapter asked if she could borrow my husband and did he wear Strapped Baby.  Does he wear her?  He has his own stash of carriers!  Well he was an instant hit and ended up in more pictures than me, lol.  It was an awesome shoot and there was even another Strapped Mommy there carrying while wearing!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Say What?!?

At last week's NRA convention Ted Nugent made some pretty severe comments about President Obama's administration.  Since then he has gotten a tremendous amount of backlash.  He is even scheduled to meet with the Secret Service to answer for some of the comments especially one in which he remarked that he would be "dead or in jail" this time next year if President Obama is re-elected.  Now I can completely understand why the Secret Service would react to this.  It could very well be taken as a threat to the President.  People all across the country are calling him racist.  I, however, see his comments very different (yes even as a Black woman).  We have to look at things in context and take in the bigger picture.  I am NOT saying I agree with what was said, I simply do not agree that these specific comments were racially charged.  He called the administration Anti-American and said they were wiping their @$$ with the Constitution.  When it comes to gun rights, I view anti-gun activists and anyone who threatens my 2nd amendment in much the same way.  It's the same thing I say of "Christians" who only read the parts of the Bible that they agree with.  You can't pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you agree with.  You can't say freedom of speech is your right as an American citizen but the right to bear arms is not. That's asinine!  Do I think Nugent could have found a less harsh and severe way to get his point across?  Definitely!  But at the same time I think we need to be aware of the labels we put on people.  I think since President Obama has been elected we as a country (Black and White alike) take every criticism of him as racist.  No one can criticize his policies like they did previous administrations because they will then be racist.  Do I think people are more outspoken about his perceived shortcomings?  Definitely!  Could this have racial undertones?  You bet!  Do I think some of the attacks he faces would be directed to a White president?  No I don't.  But at the same time I don't think we should be so quick to throw out the R word.  He also directed these comments at the four democratically appointed Supreme Court justices.  No one wants to talk about that part of his speech though?  There's no story there.  Or better yet their accusation of racism would be null and void because he didn't have anything to say about the Black man of the justice bench.  Like my Pastor used to teach me, don't just read a Bible verse, read the verses surrounding it as well to get the full context.   And for the record I support President Obama.  For me his good policies outweigh his bad ones and he hasn't exactly made an anti-gun move. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Custom NuzzleMe Creation's Stay Cool Carrier is here!!!

So in February I learned via Facebook that Tim was going to be releasing some new slots for custom stay cool carriers.  I was really excited because a NuzzleMe Creation was at the top of my carrier wishlist and the Stay Cool carrier would be perfect for the summer.  I quickly scanned the colors and paid for my slot in my favorite color PURPLE!!!  At first I was thinking of getting something DH (dear husband) friendly.  But then I thought, he has 2 carriers of his own and how often will I snag a custom slot!  So purple it was.  Then I was trying to decide on the make on the carrier.  Did I want a full buckle (everything buckles so easiest to get off and on), half buckle ( buckle waist and mei tai straps which I've always wanted to try and what I pictured as my dream carrier), reverse half buckle (buckle straps and tie waist), or an old faithful mei tai (all straps to tie no buckles). Again how often am I gonna have the option so lets make it my dream carrier half buckle it is!  Now for the hard part, choosing the fabric to compliment the purple mesh.  I poured over fabric sites for hours.  Then I finally went to TBW ( and asked my veteran custom slot snaggin mamas for help.  They suggested I try Etsy.  But of course!  I use them for everything else.  Why not fabric? After looking through pages and pages I found this Princess and the Frog fabric.  My sister in law already buys my pumpkin everything else Princess Tiana why not keep it going!  So $9 later it's being shipped to Tim in NY.  The finished project is what you see here!  I am sooooooooooo in love with this carrier and so is Pumpkin.  She cries every time it's time to get down.  She falls asleep in it more often than she stays awake (see bad action shot above).  It is very different structurally than any other carrier I own.  Tim found a way to use padding in a structured not aggravating way.  I got rid of another carrier because the strap padding was way too much.  This was PERFECTION!  The straps are thin and a little padded at the top like a full buckle then fans out into mesh like the body for the tie.  The waist is structured but flexible enough to fit any body type.  And he managed to answer the prayer of every babywearing mama out there and made the waist in a way that you don't have muffin top!  How awesome is he!?!

A little more about the carrier from the maker:

"100% Poly Mesh with internal support in stress areas.  Added support in the shoulders and waist for YEAR ROUND comfort."

To snag your own slot next go round or to select any in stock carrier go to and follow them on Facebook at

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Spoiled Baby and Her Hippie Parents

I read an article this morning which inspired this blog post.  It was written by an attached parent like myself.  In this article she talked about all of the ways Western society has been conditioned to think of natural parenting as something weird or hippie producing a generation of spoiled babies.  It really struck a cord with me because of all of the questions and comments I get when people see me or my husband wearing my now almost 16 month old daughter or when they find out we sometimes bedshare or more often co-sleep and even when people found out I was breastfeeding or thinking of breastfeeding.  How funny is it that something as natural as breastfeeding is looked at as nasty or weird when it's what our bodies was made for?  How is it that believers in creation and The Creator think that a function he designed is somehow abnormal?  When I babywear people wonder if I'm uncomfortable or if she's heavy when the truth of the matter is that because I have always worn her my body is conditioned to handle the extra 18 pounds, it's kind of like strength training.  Like the author pointed out, we have become so sedentary that the extra weight would be a bit much for (sadly) most Americans.  The fact of the matter is I am free to move about my home or wherever I may be not worried about the TV or some other form of technology babysitting my child.  She is seeing what Mommy does, she "helps" me cook or do laundry or wash dishes and I never have to stop to check on her or run to see why she's crying.  Most times she falls asleep on my back or my front if walking through a busy mall.  My child can sleep through a LOT of noise because she's used to hearing things go on around her all the time.  Unless she is sick, my pumpkin sleeps through the night and so do I knowing exactly where she is at all times.  Here is the thing and the only point us "crunchy" mamas want to get across to everyone else.  Stop judging us because we do things a little different than you do.  Maybe read up on why we do it and look around at other cultures.  You'll find that you are actually the "different" one.  But I don't judge you for pushing a stroller or sitting your child in front of the TV or letting your child Cry It Out (CIO) so why do you feel the need to judge me?  My kid isn't spoiled.  She's actually quite independent.  She learned to walk before her first birthday.  She loves to run around and play but she also likes to know where her momma is and to be close to me. I look forward to those times when I can wear her.  It's comforting for both of us.  I LIKE being close to her.  I enjoy our snuggle time on the couch, I LOVE the pictures I get to take of her and her daddy napping together.  So maybe I'm the spoiled one here.  My feelings get a little hurt when she doesn't want me on the bed or sofa with her.  She's quite content sleeping on her own as long as it's not in a pack and play (she hit a stage and hates them all).  I can leave her on any bed or sofa with bed rails and she will sleep alone for hours.   You do you and let me do me in PEACE!  If you have questions I am more than happy to educate and inform.