Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sound Off: Virginia Governor Repeals One Handgun Per Month Law

As an owner of registered guns I can honestly see points made by both critics and supporters alike.  The legislation limiting purchases of handguns to one every 30 days was originally enacted during a time when Virginia was a haven for gun traffickers.  So I can see the point made by critics that this repeal could draw this type of criminal back to Virginia to purchase massive quantities of handguns at one time.  On the other hand, my stance is and always has been that criminals don't abide by the laws regardless.  Their firearms aren't registered and a law isn't going to stop them from getting their hands on a gun.  As rudimentary as it sounds, laws are for law abiding citizens.  I see this law as a way to stimulate the economy so law abiding, constitution believing citizens like myself don't have to choose which gun to buy when we go to the gun show, we can get as many as we'd like, lol.

In all seriousness, a lot of the critics are family members of shooting victims.  I can definitely sympathize with them.  My mom was a victim of gun violence being shot in the head while driving home in February of 2009.  I can understand the point they are trying to make since almost half of the guns found at crime scenes in New York in 1991 were from Virginia.  But this was at a time before the buying process became what it is today with the aid of technology.  I don't see many criminals standing beside me at the Nation's Gun Show or at Sharpshooter's Range filling out the necessary paperwork, waiting for the background check to be run and walking away with a handgun.  You can't just walk in and buy a gun anymore. 

Restrictive Gun Laws Are UnAmerican!  There I said it!  It's in the constitution!  Read it!  Thank you Mr. Governor for recognizing this.  (Don't get me wrong, I still disagree with about 90% of the shenanigans he usually proposes)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Really Grinds My Gears...

When I started this I wanted it to be a place where people could find information and reviews about baby carriers, firearms, and possibly knives or other self defense weapons.  Today I feel like venting.  Hopefully there is something here that you can relate to, if not that's fine too not everything is for everybody.  In the words of Peter Griffin below you'll find a list of things that "Really Grinds My Gears"

1.  People who feel like they NEED to voice their negative opinions about whatever.  For me it's usually my child. or what I do with her.  Now you can say what you want about me but I really don't care what you think about the way I raise my child.  YES she sleeps with or near me (when she lets me).  YES I wear her (whenever she likes) it's convenient for both of us.  YES I'm a mother and a believer in my 2nd Amendment.  In the words of Survivor Mom, "I am my kid's armed bodyguard." (addressed to those who employ armed bodyguards but try to take away my right to do the same for me and my family).  If I complain to you about anything then maybe you can give me your opinion.  Otherwise keep it to yourself.  I'm a crunchy mama and proud of it.  It really ticks me off when these people aren't parents.

2.  People who feel like their feelings should dictate your actions.  Here's the thing I've been a people pleaser in the past.  You should have caught me then.  Now that I'm a mom, my child is my concern.  I will not let what you want dictate what I will and will not allow when it concerns my kid.  I am so sorry this hurts your feelings but did you ever stop to think about my feelings and how uncomfortable I've been sitting back and shutting up in order to spare your feelings?  No?  I didn't think so.  I believe in handling things with tact and decorum as a Christian but I draw the line at being passive when it comes to my pumpkin.

3.  People who can't take no for an answer.  Preservation pays off in trying to achieve your goals in general but when it comes to boundary stomping it only serves to get you cut off.  Point blank period.  With strangers this isn't too much of an issue I can just remove myself from the situation.  This can get sticky if it's a relative.  I've begun to learn that it shouldn't matter who it is.  You should remove yourself from the equation if that person can't remove their attitude/action etc.  No means no.  Get it? Got it? Good!

These are things we all come across from birth.  However, it comes in droves once you have a child.  My thought?  It's your kid/life/marriage/job opportunity/etc.  Period.  End of Story. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tap, Rack, and Reassess: Semi-Auto Handgun Malfunction Drills

For the lion’s share of handgun malfunctions, this is all you need to clear the malfunction: 

Simply Tap the bottom of the magazine aggressively up into the weapon with the palm of your opposite side hand to ensure that the magazine is seated properly in the weapon, then Rack the slide back aggressively (do not ride the slide forward allow it to slingshot forward), and bring the weapon back up on target and Reassess the situation to determine if it is appropriate to continue firing. 

Tap Rack Reassess will clear (among other things):

Stovepipe: per the Urban Dictionary (Who knew this term would be listed there???): a shooting term used when on a (gun) line or firing range; a round that does not extract all the way out of a "semi-automatic pistol or rifle" after fired; the round will be pointing toward the sky thus with a tad of smoke coming out; to look like a stove pipe. 

Failure to Fire:  When the gun don’t go bang.  This can happen for a number of reasons.  Some common ones are:
1)      An uncocked weapon.  Did you forget to rack the slide when you put the magazine in?  A way to avoid this in the first place is always loading the weapon with the slide locked to the rear.  When you send the slide forward you know the weapon is cocked! 
2)      An improperly seated magazine.  Ever get three rounds into a course of fire and the mag drops out of the grip?  When you seated the magazine, did you give it a pull check to see if it really seated in the well?  That will prevent this from happening 99.99% of the time. 
3)      Poor ammunition.  A faulty or absent primer will fail to ignite the powder.  Always check your rounds as you load your magazines. 

Tap Rack Reassess will NOT clear (among other things):

1)      A double feed.  Again per the Urban Dictionary (no not really) a double feed happens when two rounds try to enter the chamber of a semi-automatic at the same time.
n  To clear this type of malfunction you must first get behind something that stops or hides you from bullets, then rip the magazine out of the weapon aggressively, rack the slide a couple times aggressively, reinsert a new magazine, send a round into the chamber, and finally reassess the scenario.  Remember, no sneak peeks: Eyes, Muzzle, Threat.  (We will cover this in a future post.)
2)      Weapon out of battery.  OK, a lot of the time Tap Rack Reassess will work here.  Sometimes the weapon is out of battery for mechanical issues that have to be handled off the range (the firing range or the real life one).  For that, the fastest remedy is a snubnose.  What can I tell you folks?  Two is one and one is none.  Redundancy saves lives! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ruger LCP .380 (My Baby)

Introducing my first born, my Ruger LCP .380.  This was the first firearm I purchased for personal protection.  At the time I did not have my Concealed Carry Permit so it usually stayed home but it was mine nonetheless.  This gun is commonly referred to as a pocket pistol.  It can literally fit into your jeans pocket (unless you wear your jeans like i wear mine).  It is one of the lightest and smallest out there today so it's pretty popular among women.  My favorite thing about the LCP is it's dependability.  In the almost two years I've owned it, I've never had a jam or misfeed (I've put around 500 rounds through this thing).  It is very accurate (even for a novice shooter which I was at the time) and the recoil isn't as bad as you'd expect for a gun of it's size.  The grip is short but my hands are small so no problems there.  You can get a mag extension if that's a concern for you and this shouldn't take away from it being a pocket pistol.  When I have been able to put it in my pocket (wearing sweatpants and hoodies) I never had a problem with it getting caught or hung up on my clothes so it should not present an issue in a real life situation.  The only downside I've seen is the trigger pull.  It takes a while to fire unlike other weapons I've fired but after the first time you know what to expect.  A few people in the shooting community may think the accuracy of the short barrel at long distances is an issue but honestly most self defense situations are close range.  If you're 20 feet away from an attacker you have a chance to get away before having to fire.  I would definitely recommend getting night sights on the weapon.  Good night sights are, in my opinion, a necessity.  Some are fine with just having a laser and you can get this weapon with a Crimson Trace Laser but this makes it a little bulky for me.  This gun is super easy to conceal and will get the job done if you ever NEED to use it.  And to top it all off, it's really affordable!  Just a common sense tidbit, if you are carrying it in your pocket please don't have anything else in that same pocket.  That's just irresponsible.  And take care of your weapon.  Keep it cleaned and oiled.  If you take care of it, it'll take care of you!    

Here are the specs for the LCP:

Caliber: .380 Auto
Capacity: 6+1 (6 in the mag, 1 in the chamber)
Length: 5.16"
Width: 0.82"
Height: 3.60"
Barrel Material: Alloy Steel
Barrel Finish Blued
Slide Material Alloy Steel
Slide Finish Blued
Grip Frame Black, High Performance, Glass-Filled Nylon