Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 12 Ps, That's Why

My senior year of college I was taught an invaluable lesson from the old military adage the 7 Ps.  Well this one was the 12 Ps and went something like this "Piss poor planning promotes piss poor performance, piss poor performance promotes pain."  The way I learned it may have had a word substitution but carried the same message.  I have found that this applies to every facet of my life from my job to my marriage to motherhood.  I now realize this is also why I have become Strapped Mommy.  It's simply a matter or proper planning on my part.  I plan for the just in case.  I take an "up" (baby carrier) with me EVERYWHERE I go.  You never know when you'll end up somewhere like the Baltimore Aquarium where no strollers are allowed and then your child is in a loaner crotch dangler.  When my pumpkin was younger it was vital to my sanity to have one because she hated crowds (of people in her face that she didn't know), hated sleeping but was powerless when I wore her down (wearing her in a carrier until she fell asleep), and hated strollers (it's fine I wouldn't want to be staring at people's butts all the time either).  Now that she's older it's simply for preparation because I want my hands to be free in case of an emergency.

The 12 Ps will also be my response the next time someone asks why I'm armed (like the pest control guy who showed up at my door when I wasn't expecting anyone and asked if my neighborhood was that bad).  Whenever I try to respond "civilly" or sensibly there are inevitably follow on questions or the dreaded "that's what the police are for".  Ok well while you wait for the police to respond to REact, I'll already be acting.  And he or she can find me where I'll be ready to give my statement on why this individual is wounded (or God forbid in a body bag).  It's not about me being crazy, paranoid, psycho or any other term I've heard people use with regards to me being armed.  It's solely about preparation for a situation that may or may not come up.  

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