Thursday, September 13, 2012

EMS Personnel May Be Able to Carry (No Seriously, They Need To)

This info was passed to me from the VCDL so I am passing to you in the hopes that we can get this passed.

EMS work can be dangerous, especially when they arrive on the scene of a crime before the police do (happens a lot).  All innocent life is valuable and people should be able to protect themselves wherever they might go.

There is a proposed change to a regulation that would allow EMS workers to carry (concealed with a CHP or openly) and it is in the comment period.  This was supposed to be fixed a few years ago, but  a snafu caused only one of the two locations of the weapon ban in the regulations to be removed.

I would encourage everyone to make a comment supporting EMS personnel!

Here is the link to the regulation comment area:

Suggested title:  "I support REPEALING the ban on weapons"

Suggested comment:  "I support REPEALING the ban on weapons in EMS vehicles"

In the "commenter" area, put in your name, a comma, and then "citizen," like this, "John Doe, citizen"

Until next time, Keep calm and carry!

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