Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why I Babywear: The Toddler Edition

So a coworker and I have been commiserating over our toddler meltdowns leading to our general misery and lack of sleep.  These quickly approaching two year old little girls have the power to make two grown women contemplate our worth as mothers and women when day in and especially day out we are assaulted with full on tantrums and an unwillingness to sleep or let us sleep. 

Enter in my only glimmer or hope in the form of an "up".  That's right people I pull out the big guns and pop her in a carrier.  She quickly forgets why she's mad and after a while will actually fall asleep.  Go figure!  Oh and if I let her choose her own "up" you might as well nominate me for mother of the year.  You would never know this same adorable, precious and overly sweet little girl was making me have a little talk with Jesus about why He allowed me to be a mother if He knew I was gonna suck at it.  Yeah it's that bad.

So to answer those who question how long I'm gonna babywear:  until she's out of the terrible toddler years or is able to vocalize the fact that I'm embarrassing her.  Some of you walk around with your kids on a leash, I walk around with mine on my back.

 You'd never guess that before this she refused to take a picture....#imjussayin

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